Art by Emily Joanne

Just a Yorkshire girl travelling the world with her paint brushes… I take inspiration from the wonderful people I meet and the beautiful places I see, along this incredible journey we call life. I hope you enjoy my art, as much as I enjoy creating it.

Emily Joanne

Painting allows me to indulge my creativity each and every day, switch off my mind and focus solely on my creation. The joyous feeling of the brush strokes on the canvas and the splatter of the paint, is the greatest feeling ever and brings me happiness like no other!


Using acrylic paint, I create unique textures in bright and beautiful colours allowing each piece to be totally unique, drawing the eye of each passing stranger. 


Often the hardest thing for me is to let a painting go, after spending hours perfecting every tiny detail I just want to keep them in the studio with me forever… but hey, a girls got to make a living right, and those shoes won’t buy themselves! Below is a selection of some of my recent work:


Every commission I produce is bespoke to the clients individual needs. I meet with them to discuss their requirements and assess at the space where the artwork will be placed to ensure I create the perfect piece, which will be cherished for years to come.


I can work purely from my imagination, or use photography to inspire my work exceeding the clients expectations.


Commissions start from AED 5000 / £1000 – but prices vary based on size and the materials used.

It would be great to discuss your commission in futher detail!


For each of my collections I release a limited number of prints, these are hand signed and numbered. Select pieces can also be personalised. Shop my most recent collections below:

From AED 500

From AED 500

From AED 500

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