My Recent Work!

Often the hardest thing for me is letting a painting go, after spending hours perfecting every tiny detail I just want to keep them in the studio with me forever… but hey, a girls got to make a living right, and those shoes won’t buy themselves! Below is a selection of some of my recent pieces:

Mouth All Mighty

I loved creating this collection of vibrant and fun paintings. Each one with a different theme, they are designed to jump off the page and really shout at you! 

I Am Woman

I am woman is a collection made to celebrate women and their individuality. This highly textured collection was created to allow you to really feel each crease and curve whilst admiring the beauty of a woman’s body. 

The Boardroom

This small selection of paintings are commissions that have been specifically designed to brighten up clients work space, office or boardroom. 

Pre-Natal Commissions

Prenatal commissions are a true keep sake, these beautiful pieces are created usually from a photograph that can be cherished forever. 
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